Al Mamzar Beach Park Dubai

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Caribbean atmosphere in the middle of a 2 million city

Al Mamzar Beach Park has currently for sure the most beautiful beaches in Dubai. We chose the beach with the view of the Sharjah skyline on the other side of the ocean. The view over to the neighbor emirate is stunning. Thousands of palms spend shadow so you can easily spend the whole day at this beach. The water was as nice as always but unfortunately there are some dangerous see urchins on the ground. If you are allergic against insect bites or something like that you are recommended to choose one of the other 4 beaches arround Al Mamzar Park.

The Park also features at least 20 barbeque sites, a swimming pool, lots of playing areas for children, food kiosks, showers, grassed picnic areas and lifeguards which also know what to do when you step into a see urchin.



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