Bur Dubai, Deira

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Yesterday we visited Bur Dubai and Deira – the old, traditional districts of Dubai. First we saw Bur Dubai and walked through the Grand Souk, where you can find awesome spices, traditional clothing, textils, bags and jewelery. Then we settled over to the other side of the Dubai Creek with a water taxi, which only costs about 25 cents per person because it´s mainly used by the natives. The boattour was really cool because it offered a good view of the old stone buildings and the ships. Deira has an incredible atmosphere in which there is much to discover. The narrow streets are full of people and the numerous souks of gold, spices, perfumes and goods make it interesting and fun. You shouldn´t be unsociable though, because the people stop you on every corner and try to sell you something. The good thing is, everybody speaks quite good english and I had fun talking a little bit with the sellers.

On the creek local wholesalers load their old wooden ships with all sorts of goods, from fruits and vegetables to refrigarators or even cars. You can get amazing snapshots of the traditional life of Dubai here.


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