Little Black Dress – Love Diesel Part I

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I am definitely not a person who likes and wears short, tight dresses. In my eyes most of them are boring and I always associate them with lightly dressed, drunk girls thinking of themselfs they are super hot, stumbling out of the disco into the 0 degree night. But with this dress I made an exeption. It feels aaahmaaazin on the skin and looks so striking with its applications. The leather glitters beautiful in the sun. This is my first out of two Diesel looks I shot and I can´t wait to show you my other beloved Diesel piece soon.


Dress – Diesel
Jacket – Tommy Hilfiger
Boots – Tamaris

3 Responses

  1. lily
    | Antworten

    So cool!!! Timeless style and suitable for many occasions, good choice!

  2. Anuradha
    | Antworten

    Gorgeous!!! You look so gorgeous in this dress and loved the way you styled it! ???

  3. Mircow
    | Antworten

    Hui Sabrina, das Kleid steht dir – schaut gut aus 🙂

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