Waste of Talent

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Some years ago, I was a skater girl. Skateboarding was my life. Basically everyday I grabed my board and practiced, practiced, practiced. As I was able to do the basic tricks, I hit up my skateboard friends and went skating with them in the city at a popular skate spot. Other guys saw me trying to be as good as the boys and talked behind my back. They just didn´t accept a girl on a skateboard. But this was what I loved and what I wanted to become good in. So I didn´t let them get me down. One day, I landed a kickflip first try and all the skater boys celebrated me like the queen of the universe. Suddenly they all wanted to skate with me.

What I want to say is, do what you love, even if people point or laugh at you. When you put your heart and your soul into your hobby you will get great in it! Work hard for what you want and never let anyone stop you. Discover and use your talents and strenghts! For living a fulfilled life we have to realize what our talents are and don´t waste them. I know exactly where my strenghts are. For example I´m excellent in doing gymnastics and I let the world see it. Never hide your talents. Always remember, that there might be someone out there, who is interested in your talent.



Leather Jacket – Freaky Nation
Wedges – Esprit
Jeans – Zara
Belt – Diesel
Skateboard – Plan B

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  1. Kat Christiansen
    | Antworten

    Ahh please help where can I get that jacket?

  2. Dana
    | Antworten

    I love the story in this post, it has a lot of meaning, i’m glad you didn’t let those people get you down x

    Dana || Fashion Dew Blog

  3. Beautiful post! Cool look as well!

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