Since January 2019, this websites name (Coconut Couture) changed to Sabrina Wolf Gold Label  and is more than a blog now. The new concept features Sabrina´s own fashion label:

Designer: Sabrina Wolf

„I never find fashion in stores which is freaky enough for me, so I decided to design the stuff I like to wear for me and any other unusual person out there“

If you don’t see what your looking for in my shop, you can send me a message via for orders and inquiries.

All custom orders are for both Men and Women and I also do all sizes.

All clothing is reworked by myself in Regensburg (Germany)

I am willing to be as versatile as I possibly can to meet your design needs.

​For any further questions, reach out.

No need to worry how far away your country is, I send worldwide.

Each design is customised with a high level of a attention to detail.

If you request a one of a kind design from me, that is what it will be! No one else will have it.

You can even send your OWN garments to me from any part of the world for me to magnificently alter them to create a true one of a kind piece.

I fabulously rework existing clothing and accessories, creating new wearable art designs, ensuring good QUALITY WORKMANSHIP. The concept is especially for people who think sustainably!


This blog (previous Name Coconut Couture) was founded in February 2015 and enjoys great popularity.  In the fashion section this blog presents big designers and streetwear looks. Sabrina has a very special sense of combining different fabrics, styles and colors which makes Sabrina Wolf Gold Label outstanding.

Sabrina (25), the creative mind behind this project, loves to travel the world and visited places like the Emirates, Morocco, Croatia, Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, much of the USA and more. She lived in the South of the United States of America for a year and explored lot´s of worth-seeing states. Voyages are her inspiration! The main reasons why she loves trips are the chance to eat new food, meet special people and personalities, experience new cultures, learn a new language, shoot great photographs and get inspired about new lifestyles and looks.

Through her website, Sabrina shares her personal style, fashion finds and ideas, her creative pursuits in photography and stories about her life and travel adventures.