Dubai Mall

We arrived in Dubai yesterday early in the morning and had no sleep at all. Tired of travelling we were not sure what to do and decided to sleep a bit at the pool. But since we don´t want to miss out on something we drove to Dubai Mall for shopping. The Mall is very impressive and huge. It features an icerink, an aquarium, an underwater zoo, a big foodcourt and much more. The whole thing reminded me a lot of the USA.

It´s not easy finding the right outfit for shopping in Dubai. Outside it´s melting hot with over 40 degrees celsius, and inside the aircondition cools it down so much that you freeze. It wasn´t hard respecting the Arab traditions because it was pretty cold. I chose a long but light and thin pant and a Kimono which I absolutely love. First I was wearing heels, but the distances in Dubai are cruel and I switched to flip flops soon. Here´s my outfit of the day and some impressions of Dubai Mall.



outfit1_7 outfit1_3 outfit1_4 outfit1_6 outfit1_1 outfit1_2 outfit1_5

dubaimall4 dubaimall1 dubaimall5 dubaimall6 dubaimall dubaimall2 dubaimall7

  1. Domino J
    | Antworten

    Wow, an aquarium in the mall!! Dubai looks amazing!

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