A Sleepover At The Princess´ Estate

A sleepover at the princess´ estate. Getting up early cause you´re too excited to sleep late.
Turning up the radio in the livingroom to it´s maximum, listening to the old tracks your parents used to dance to. Dancing through the kitchen. The air is filled with the scent of fresh fruits while preparing pineapple, melon and berries for making some sweet fruitpunch.

Throwing over your boyfriend´s huge knit-sweater and slipping into your black leather overknees. Leaving the house wearing big sunglasses, cause you´re not wearing makeup. You return home having your shopper filled with frozen pizza and champagne.

Playing dress up in the sleeping room. The floor is covered with clothes. A light-pink furry jacket over a black bustier for the evening. Black eyeliner, red lips, and blonde curls like Marilyn Monroe. Smiling in the mirror. Perfect white teeth gleaming and twinkling against your tanned skin.

Your friends come messing up the place eating pizza on the floor, jumping on the couch and sipping champagne out of the bottle. The girls are trying on almost every clothing piece you´ve got in your closet.

Laying on a white, soft fur blanket on your balkony, watching the sun go down and turning the sky into wonderful pinkish, purpleish colors. You wish you could press a button on a remote control, so you could live this moment forever.

Staying up all night telling storys and counting stars. 5 in the morning. Reviewing the adventure of the night. Stretching out your arms and collapsing facefirst onto the pink sheets of your princess-bed.

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