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I never find fashion in stores which is extravagant enough for me, so I decided to design the stuff I like to wear for me and any other unusual person out there.

fabulous rework of existing clothing, creating new wearable art designs. handmade and unique couture made with love in beautiful Bavaria, Germany.

all about bold colors, textil paintings, spikes, studs, patches and more.

mixing luxury materials like leather and fur and combining several fashion styles like rock chic, grunge, rave and punk to achieve this one of a kind outcome.

Dark Angel Biker Jacket
Furreal Skirt
Ice Angel Denim Jacket
Boss Babe Skirt

request and order your unique design by emailing me. shop the pieces you see here. you can even send me your clothing to embellish them. I send worldwide. usually free shipping. prices on request.

I am willing to be as versatile as I possibly can to meet your design needs. each design is customized with a high level of detail. if you request a one of a kind design from me, that is what it will be. no one else will have it.

they love it.

a collection of some companies Sabrina Wolf collaborated with. 

you are a company doing fashion, beauty or have something to do with travel, food, lifestyle and want to show up here? 

tell us about your company and projects and your idea of a collaboration.

affiliate, product placements, fashion shootings, blog, instagram, facebook, invitations, events…

Please understand that I don’t accept blogger discounts or any other chargeable assignment.


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feel free to contact me for collaboration enquiries, orders of custom, handmade clothing, or for any purpose around online marketing services!